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Relocation, when done improperly, can lead to the deterioration of office equipment/objects, the loss of documents and the delay of returning to the normal company daily routine. Lower relocation costs and eliminate the hassle of moving by using our specialized team.

A proper relocation usually follows the below mentioned steps:

- Estimation:

An offer is issued, based on the conditions specific to the relocation: distance between locations, inventory, equipment and furniture/objects characteristics, if additional services are required (network cabling, installation/configuration, assembly, etc.), number of persons needed to complete the relocation, time interval and schedule (normal business hours or not).

- Planning:

This step includes updating the inventory and completing the relocation strategic plan, which specifies the relocation schedule. Depending on the client, the planning can program the relocation according to specified time intervals, department or office activities, so that the client’s normal routine will not be perturbed by the relocation operation.

- Location Preparation:

This includes equipment dismantling, packaging, labeling. The new location is prepared.

- Relocation:

Moving to the new location.

- Post-relocation operations:

These take place at the new location: assembly, positioning, verification, cleaning, etc.



We ensure transport of office furniture, with assembly upon request. Costs depend on the volume of objects, distance between locations, building type, floor, number of people necessary for safe  transport, additional services, etc.

Below you can find an example of moving costs. Prices are in Lei and do not include VAT. Prices can vary, depending on the clients’ needs. Specified prices are for normal business hours. Outside normal business hours the prices are double.


Costs for moving a one room office (1 room, kitchen), situated at an upper level (max. 4th floor), in a building without elevator = 500 Lei. Cleaning and assembly services are not included.

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